Alan Kwan

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Isoprene is a significant source of atmospheric organic aerosol; however, the oxidation pathways that lead to secondary organic aerosol (SOA) have remained elusive. Here, we identify the role of two key reactive intermediates, epoxydiols of isoprene (IEPOX = beta-IEPOX + delta-IEPOX) and methacryloylperoxynitrate (MPAN), which are formed during isoprene(More)
We study the problem of applying adaptive filters for approximate query processing in a distributed stream environment. We propose filter bound assignment protocols with the objective of reducing communication cost. Most previous works focus on value-based queries (e.g., average) with numerical error tolerance. In this paper, we cover entity-based queries(More)
We present a statistical representation of the aggregate effects of deep convection on the chemistry and dynamics of the upper troposphere (UT) based on direct aircraft observations of the chemical composition of the UT over the eastern United States and Canada during summer. These measurements provide unique observational constraints on the chemistry(More)
—The idea of allowing query users to relax their correctness requirements in order to improve performance of a data stream management system (e.g., location-based services and sensor networks) has been recently studied. By exploiting the maximum error (or tolerance) allowed in query answers, algorithms for reducing the use of system resources have been(More)
RTMonitor is a real-time data management system for traffic navigation applications. In our system, mobile vehicles initiate time-constrained navigation requests and RTMonitor calculates and communicates the best paths for the clients based on the road network and real-time traffic data. The correctness of the suggested routes highly depends on how well the(More)
The large number, definition, varied application and validity of named Australian biogeographical regions reflect their ad hoc development via disparate methods or case study idiosyncracies. They do not represent a coherent system. In order to resolve these uncertainties an Australian Bioregionalisation Atlas is proposed as a provisional hierarchical(More)
Staphylococcal enterotoxin B (SEB) is one of a family of toxins secreted by Staphylococcus aureus that act as superantigens, activating a large fraction of the T-cell population and inducing production of high levels of inflammatory cytokines that can cause toxic shock syndrome (TSS) and death. Extracellular engagement of the TCR of T-cells and class II MHC(More)
  • Tom Harries, Alan Kwan, James Brammer, Roger Falconer
  • 2016
Keywords: Vertical-axis turbine Savonius turbine Tidal stream IFREMER Blockage effects a b s t r a c t An experimental study of the performance and optimisation of a prototype novel drag-driven vertical axis tidal stream turbine is presented. The drag turbine has several unique advantages, including simple blade design, deployable in shallow waters and(More)