Alan Kuntz

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In 1998, Horvath et al. (1998) observed a marked improvement in speech, eye contact, and attention in autistic children five weeks after treatment with secretin, which ocurred in the course of an endoscopic investigation. Since autism is hypothesized to be a hypoglutamatergic disorder we investigated the in vivo effects of secretin on extracellular amino(More)
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death, and early-stage diagnosis is critical to survival. Biopsy is typically required for a definitive diagnosis, but current low-risk clinical options for lung biopsy cannot access all biopsy sites. We introduce a motion planner for a multilumen transoral lung access system, a new system that has the(More)
Amphibians provide an unparalleled opportunity to integrate studies of development and evolution through the investigation of the fossil record of larval stages. The pattern of vertebral development in modern frogs strongly resembles that of Paleozoic labyrinthodonts in the great delay in the ossification of the vertebrae, with the centra forming much later(More)
Concentric tube robots are thin, tentacle-like devices that can move along curved paths and can potentially enable new, less invasive surgical procedures. Safe and effective operation of this type of robot requires that the robot's shaft avoid sensitive anatomical structures (e.g., critical vessels and organs) while the surgeon teleoperates the robot's tip.(More)
Computing globally optimal motion plans for a robot is challenging in part because it requires analyzing a robot's configuration space simultaneously from both a macroscopic viewpoint (i.e., considering paths in multiple homotopic classes) and a microscopic viewpoint (i.e., locally optimizing path quality). We introduce Interleaved Optimization with(More)
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