Alan Joseph J. Caceres

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We prove that the spaces of unrooted phylogenetic trees are Hamiltonian for two popular search metrics: Subtree Prune and Regraft (SPR) and Tree Bisection and Reconnection (TBR). Further, we make progress on two conjectures of Bryant on searching phylogenetic treespace: treespace under the Nearest Neighbor Interchange (NNI) metric has a 2-walk, and there(More)
A nearest-neighbor-interchange (NNI)-walk is a sequence of unrooted phylogenetic trees, $(T_1, T_2, \ldots, T_k)$ where each consecutive pair of trees differs by a single NNI move. We give tight bounds on the length of the shortest NNI-walks that visit all trees in a subtree-prune-and-regraft (SPR) neighborhood of a given tree. For any unrooted, binary(More)
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