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DESCRIPTION The algorithm given here is a complement to [1] where the description, test results, and references are given. ALGORITHM [ A part of the listing is printed here. The complete listing is available from the ACM Algorithms Distribution Service (see page 257 for order form).] Permmsion to copy without fee all or part of thin material is granted(More)
A 30-year-old manufacturing process for the biologic product L-asparaginase from the plant pathogen Erwinia chrysanthemi was rigorously qualified and validated, with a high level of agreement between validation data and the 6-year process database. L-Asparaginase exists in its native state as a tetrameric protein and is used as a chemotherapeutic agent in(More)
In order to generate further characterisation data for the lyophilised product Erwinia chrysanthemi l-asparaginase, reconstituted drug product (DP; marketed as Erwinase or Erwinaze) was analysed for subvisible (2–10 μm) particulate content using both the light obscuration (LO) method and the newer flow-imaging microscopy (FIM) technique. No correlation of(More)
Satellite cost and mission capability are very sensitive to mass requirements. Mass or volume savings in one component will either lower total spacecraft mass, or provide greater margin for design error in other components. Solar arrays and antennas in particular are often driven by launch vehicle volume constraints instead of mission needs. Deployable(More)
Noncontact dynamic measurements of lightweight flexible aerospace structures in motion present several challenges. Achieving high frequency and high resolution measurements requires multiple registered metrology systems. Many noncontact measurement methods are based on the object staying aligned with the sensor. Yet sometimes the desired loading is a result(More)
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