Alan J. Wecker

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Museums are both appealing and challenging as an environment for indoor positioning research. By nature, they are dense and rich in objects and information, and as a result they contain more information than a visitor can absorb in a time-limited visit. Many research projects have explored the potential of novel technologies to support information delivery(More)
In this paper we describe the in-progress work of the Pathlight navigation system for groups and individuals. Pathlight provides indoor navigation support in the museum using a handheld projector. We describe some of the advantages the system provides, look at some background, briefly describe some system features, and posit some open questions for further(More)
User ratings are a valuable source of information for recommender systems: often, personalized suggestions are generated by predicting the user's preference for an item, based on ratings users explicitly provided for other items. In past experiments that were carried out by us in the gastronomy domain, results showed that rating scales have their own(More)
Cultural heritage (such as museums, archeological sites etc) is both an appealing and challenging research area for applying novel information technologies. It is appealing because it provides a wide range of research possibilities and involves users that are generally willing to experience novel technologies. It is challenging because it requires the(More)