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We describe melphalan pharmacokinetics in 26 patients treated by isolated limb perfusion (ILP). Group A (n = 11) were treated with a bolus of melphalan (1.5 mg kg-1), and in a phase I study the dose was increased to 1.75 mg kg-1. The higher dose was given as a bolus to Group B (n = 9), and by divided dose to Group C (n = 6). Using high performance liquid(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to ascertain the benefit of routine pre-operative cardiac troponin I (cTnI) measurement in patients undergoing major lower extremity amputation for critical limb ischaemia. DESIGN This was a prospective, blinded observational study. METHODS All patients scheduled for lower extremity amputation, without evidence(More)
Surgical excision of cutaneous malignant melanoma metastases is practical only when the number of lesions is small. In some patients isolated limb perfusion is not possible or fails to achieve control, and carbon dioxide laser ablation is then an alternative treatment. Between September 1992 and September 1994, 19 patients aged 45-94 years were treated with(More)
BACKGROUND Cutaneous recurrence of malignant melanoma is distressing for the patient, can be difficult to palliate and is resistant to treatment by conventional methods. Experience with carbon dioxide laser ablation was reviewed to determine the initial efficacy, time to recurrence, number of treatments required and length of palliation achieved. METHODS(More)
Cimetidine is thought to have accelerated the reduction in elective peptic ulcer surgery but its effect on the incidence of perforated peptic ulcer has not been reported. A 15-year (1966-1980) review of peptic ulcer surgery in a district general hospital is presented. Since cimetidine became available (November 1976), the mean annual number of elective(More)
The aim of this study was to assess whether isolated limb perfusion can be performed safely and whether it offers improved disease-free survival for patients with limb malignant melanoma. Between August 1983 and July 1993, 103 patients (78 female, 25 male) with recurrent limb melanoma were treated by isolated limb perfusion (ILP) in Glasgow, U.K. The mean(More)
We report our experience with the technique of lymphatic mapping using patent blue V dye in patients with limb malignant melanoma. The technique is based on the hypothesis that embolic metastases occur along lymphatic channels to a 'sentinel' lymph node: the draining lymph node nearest the site of the primary malignant melanoma. Patent blue V dye (0.5-1.0(More)
A prospective randomized controlled trial was conducted in patients undergoing elective cholecystectomy to assess the value of routine chest physiotherapy. One hundred and two patients entered the study: 47 patients developed no pulmonary complications, 29 had pulmonary atelectasis and a further 26 developed chest infection. The pattern of changes in(More)
OBJECTIVES Oxidative stress causes endothelial dysfunction and plays a major role in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease. Increased vascular stiffness is an intermediate phenotype in the development of cardiovascular disease. We hypothesized that vascular stiffness is partially determined by oxidative stress. METHODS We examined 163 participants(More)