Alan J. Martin

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Logical frameworks supporting higher-order abstract syntax (HOAS) allow a direct and concise specification of a wide variety of languages and deductive systems. Reasoning about such systems within the same framework is well-known to be problematic. We describe the new version of the Hybrid system, implemented on top of Isabelle/HOL (as well as Coq), in(More)
Hip dysplasia, an abnormal laxity of the hip joint, is seen in humans as well as dogs and is one of the most common skeletal disorders in dogs. Canine hip dysplasia is considered multifactorial and polygenic, and a variety of chromosomal regions have been associated with the disorder. We performed a genome-wide association study in Dutch Labrador(More)
The deleterious effects of a disrupted copper metabolism are illustrated by hereditary diseases caused by mutations in the genes coding for the copper transporters ATP7A and ATP7B. Menkes disease, involving ATP7A, is a fatal neurodegenerative disorder of copper deficiency. Mutations in ATP7B lead to Wilson disease, which is characterized by a predominantly(More)
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