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The changes in apparent brightness or color, induced into a test spot by a surround, can be greatly enhanced either by flickering the test spot between two luminances, or by binocularly fusing a pair of test spots of different luminances. Simultaneous contrast, in which a white surround makes a grey spot look darker, is greatly enhanced if the spot (not the(More)
Quality control of Chinese medicine injections remains a challenge due to our poor knowledge of their complex chemical profile. This study aims to investigate the chemical composition of one of the best-selling injections, Shenqi Fuzheng (SQ) injection (SQI), via a full component quantitative analysis. A total of 15 representative small molecular components(More)
BACKGROUND Tianma-Gouteng-Yin (TGY), which is common Chinese medicine formulation consisting of 11 different herbs and being used in China for the treatment of Parkinson's disease, inflammatory conditions and cardiovascular diseases, was selected for full component analysis. The aim of this study was to quantitatively analyze the chemical profiles of ten(More)
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