Alan Hansen

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—We describe a strategy for integration of data that is based on the idea of semantic enhancement. The strategy promises a number of benefits: it can be applied incrementally; it creates minimal barriers to the incorporation of new data into the semantically enhanced system; it preserves the existing data (including any existing data-semantics) in their(More)
  • S K Mathanker, A C Hansen, T E Grift, K C Ting, Research Associate, Alan C Hansen +2 others
  • 2014
One of the reasons for relatively high biomass harvesting cost is challenges in adjusting the ground speed of harvesting machines with respect to the yield level within a field. A real-time biomass yield sensor that can predict the yield in front of a machine could be a useful tool to control ground speed. It was hypothesized that the force required to bend(More)
  • J D Maughan, S K Mathanker, T E Grift, A C Hansen, K C Ting, Justin D Maughan +4 others
  • 2014
Miscanthus is emerging as a promising feedstock for domestic biofuel production. However, inefficiencies of the machinery that is used for harvesting bioenergy crops such as miscanthus currently prohibit commercial production. The performance of a mower-conditioner used to harvest miscanthus was evaluated, and modifications to the disk head were made to(More)
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