Alan H Harken

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We investigated coronary-artery spasm in six patents who had had unexpected hemodynamic collapse within two hours after cardiopulmonary bypass for myocardial revascularization. All six had profound hypotension and recurrent ST-segment elevation in electrocardiographic Leads II, III, and aVF. All had either normal or noncritical luminal irregularities of(More)
Total artificial hearts (TAHs) and biventricular assist devices (BVADs) have varying levels of acceptance and reliability, and the research on both focuses on their control mechanisms. Efforts generally aim to achieve a response to physiologic demand and left/right output balance, and beneficial cardiac output (CO) and effective control mechanisms have been(More)
Effects of intermittent (IPPB) and positive eng-expiratory pressure (PEEP) ventilation on accumulation of pulmonary edema were compared, in dogs, after infusion of oleic acid. Pulmonary extravascular water was approximated as lung thermal volume (LTV), a double indicator method based on differential transit time for simultaneously injected right-to-left(More)
Ten mongrel dogs were placed on 5 and 10 cm. H20 of CPPV. Cardiac output, pulmonary vascular resistance and pleural pressures were measured. At 5 cm. H20/CPPV there was no significant change in cardiac output or pulmonary vascular resistance. At 10 cm. H20 CPPV cardiac output significantly decreased and pulmonary vascular resistance increased. The(More)
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