Alan H. Gardiner

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Breeding and pupating facilities have been established at the mopane worm farm (Maunatlala). The adult mopane worm moths hatch from October through to March, but have two peak hatching periods at the end of October and end of January through to February. Although most pupae hatch within one season experiments have shown that some pupae remain viable for at(More)
Russian constructions that involve the ambiguity of valencies are considered regarding the extent in which it can be successfully resolved by man or machine. The material includes two types of phenomena: 1) Russian counterparts of noun phrases like (a) the phases of sleep vs. (b) the phase of active sleep – in (a), sleep instantiates the subject valency of(More)
In this paper the maximum a posteriori (MAP) image reconstruction of magnetoencephalograms (MEG) is investigated. A mathematical framework for vector Markov random field models (MRF) suitable for MEG modeling of brain neuron current dipole activity is developed. A new method for simulating an MRF over a non-uniformly spaced sample grid while approximating(More)
Polyethylene glycol (PEG) modification, PEGylation, is a well established technique which has the capacity to solve or ameliorate many of the problems of protein and peptide pharmaceuticals. It is one of the most important of the molecule altering structural chemistry (MASC) techniques and in many settings is enabling technology. The use of PEG as a linker(More)
The aim of this presentation is to offer a very brief survey, both conceptual and historical, of the developments of Pragmatics during the last sixty years (of course many things will be missing and my development will be very schematic compared to what has already been exposed, but the idea is to offer a way of looking at this history). More precisely it(More)
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