Alan Gray

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In order to address the problems faced in the wireless communications domain , picoChip has devised the picoArray TM. The picoArray TM is a tiled-processor architecture, containing several hundred heterogeneous processors, connected through a novel, compile-time scheduled interconnect. This architecture does not suffer from many of the problems faced by(More)
Agile processes such as XP (eXtreme Programming) have been recognised for their potential benefits of improving software. During adoption of the XP process, teams can misapply the XP principles by following them verbatim, ignoring the context in which they are applied. In this paper we document our experiences where naive applications of XP principles were(More)
The state of the art sees content-based filters tending towards collaborative filters, whereby email is filtered at the MTA with users feeding information back about false positives and negatives. While this improves the ability of the filter to track concept drift in spam over time, such approaches make assumptions implicit in centralised spam filtering,(More)
This paper briefly describes the picoArray¿ architecture, and in particular the deterministic internal communication fabric. The methods that have been developed for debugging and verifying systems using devices from the picoArray family are explained. In order to maximize the computational ability of these devices, hardware debugging support has been kept(More)
Trading privacy for trust thanks to the linkage of pseudonyms has been proposed to mitigate the inherent conflict between trust and privacy. This necessitates fusionym, that is, the calculation of a unique trust value supposed to reflect the overall trustworthiness brought by the set of linked pseudonyms. In fact, some pieces of evidence may overlap and be(More)
CONTEXT Ewing's sarcoma is a rare neoplasm, which usually arises in long bones of the limbs and in flat bones of the pelvis, with the involvement of head and neck bones being very unusual. CASE REPORT a case of Ewing's sarcoma occurring in the mandible of a 35-year-old female. Pain and swelling of the tumor were the main complaints. The early hypothesis(More)
The increasing life expectancy in Saudi Arabia will be accompanied by an alteration of the patterns of disease similar to that in Western countries. One of these will be cancer, the second leading cause of death in the west at present, where 1:3 people develop cancer during their lifetime and 1:4 die of it. Cancer deaths are rarely easy. The distress(More)
—To achieve high performance on modern computers, it is vital to map algorithmic parallelism to that inherent in the hardware. From an application developer's perspective, it is also important that code can be maintained in a portable manner across a range of hardware. Here we present targetDP, a lightweight programming layer that allows the abstraction of(More)