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A new method is presented for modeling low-dimensional representations of high-dimensional multinomial and compositional data. The data are t to subfamilies of the multinomial family which are deened using the multinomial information geometry. These collections of spherical subfamilies have a number of advantages over the aane subfamilies contructed by(More)
As IP / MPLS network service providers drive for improved network efficiencies, traffic engineering is becoming BLOCKINincreasingly BLOCKINimportant. BLOCKIN BLOCKINIn BLOCKINthis BLOCKINarticle BLOCKINwe BLOCKINreview BLOCKINthe BLOCKINapproaches BLOCKINfor BLOCKINtraffic BLOCKINengineering BLOCKINin BLOCKINIP BLOCKIN/ MPLS networks and present the result(More)
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