Alan George

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This paper describes a very fast implementation of the m~n~mum degree algorithm, which is an effective heuristm scheme for fmding low-fill ordermgs for sparse positive definite matrices. This implementation has two important features: first, in terms of speed, it is competitive with other unplementations known to the authors, and, second, its storage(More)
lation techniques for sparse matrix computations. The solution of large sparse unsymmetric systems of linear equations. eeciently characterizing solutions of linear dio-phantine equations and its application to data dependence analysis. ' is associated with the assignment statement. Clearly, guard`(K; J) 2 E B ' can be encapsulated in the execution set of(More)
The need to find nodes with large eccentricity arises in many heuristic algorithms for ordering sparse matrix equations. A computer program is presented here for finding such nodes, based on an algorithm due to Gibbs, Poole, and Stockmeyer. Several changes have been made to their original method, and experiments suggest that these changes improve its(More)