Alan G. Merten

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The basic research on data definition languages and the translation algorithm was supported by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Air Force Systems Command, U.S.A.F., under Grant No. AFOSR-72-2219. The development and implementation of the Prototype Data Translator was supported by the Joint Technical Support Activity of the Defense Communications(More)
Two interrelated sessions will address the technology of computer system performance measurement and evaluation from both the point of view of a user (computer management) and the point of view of the developer of methodologies. The first session will deal with various uses of monitoring devices and data in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of a(More)
The paper presents an overview of current and proposed solutions to the problems of incompatible programs and data between dissimilar computer systems. The approaches are formalized, compared, and contrasted. Standardization, program translation, data translation, and system translation are discussed. Different approaches to data translation are compared(More)
Experience with data translation over the last two years has resulted in a definite set of requirements for the normalized representation of data when used as an intermediate form during the process. The logical requirements pertain to the ability to represent a class of data structures including networks. The implementation requirements include the(More)
A computer systems designer is faced with a decision concerning the organization of data files. He often would like to design a file so that sequential and random processing can both be performed efficiently. Two file organizations often proposed for these processing requirements are indexed sequential and direct. Another technique called “batch(More)
This paper contains an identification and description of the fundamental components of all file organizations. A restricted but important class of problems is defined and a generalized file organization for these problems is constructed. A specific design problem is defined in terms of a logical data set, a physical environment, and a projected level of(More)
Data translation is defined as the process whereby data stored in a form that can be processed on one computer (the source file) can be translated into a form (target file) which can be used by the same or different processing systems on a possibly different computer. The research approach is to develop a generalized methodology of data translation and(More)