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The accurate prediction of forest fire size is important in order to issue adequate and timely warnings and to allocate fire-fighting assets efficiently and effectively. A forest fire data set collected in Portugal has recently become available as a benchmark for experimental validation of data mining techniques to tackle this problem. In this paper, we(More)
The paper presents, for consideration, the tools of systems thinking and simulation as a framework for managing the complex and dynamic process of strategy formulation, evaluation, and implementation. It addresses the question of how strategic thinkers can experience the paradigmatic shifts required to survive and prosper in the face of unremitting change,(More)
Across the world, the beginning of this decade has seen an abrupt and seemingly contagious upwelling of civic activism against the prevailing economic and political order. Illustrations of what is going on can be seen in Latin America, such as in Chile, where students took the lead in public protest against neoliberal measures affecting education, or in(More)
Effective leadership is a significant factor in all forms of successful joint human endeavour. This paper poses and provides preliminary answers to the question: what factors give rise to successful leadership of nongovernmental development organisations in Kenya? By developing and testing a dedicated survey and case study methods, five co-determinants for(More)
A one-year angler intercept survey was conducted on Choccolocco Creek, a rural, limited access tributary to the Coosa River in northeastern Alabama. The purpose of the survey was to collect data and information about the behaviors and fish consumption habits of the recreational anglers who fish there. Nine survey locations were included in the stratified(More)