Alan Forrest

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Polymyxins are often last-line therapeutic agents used to treat infections caused by multidrug-resistant A. baumannii. Recent reports of polymyxin-resistant A. baumannii highlight the urgent need for research into mechanisms of polymyxin resistance. This study employed genomic and transcriptomic analyses to investigate the mechanisms of polymyxin resistance(More)
In the plant genus Silene, separate sexes and sex chromosomes are believed to have evolved twice. Silene species that are wholly or largely hermaphroditic are assumed to represent the ancestral state from which dioecy evolved. This assumption is important for choice of outgroup species for inferring the genetic and chromosomal changes involved in the(More)
To characterize temporal exposure and elimination of 5 gold/dendrimer composite nanodevices (CNDs) (5 nm positive, negative, and neutral, 11 nm negative, 22 nm positive) in mice using a physiologically based mathematical model. 400 ug of CNDs is injected intravenously to mice bearing melanoma cell lines. Gold content is determined from plasma and tissue(More)
We define the cohomology of a tiling as the cocycle cohomology of its associated groupoid and consider this cohomology for the class of tilings which are obtained from a higher dimensional lattice by the canonical projection method in Schlottmann's formulation. We prove the cohomology to be equivalent to a certain cohomology of the lattice. We discuss one(More)
Numerous factors have been theorized to affect the development of antimicrobial resistance, including those specific to the host, the organism, the environment, the drug, and the drug prescriber. One variable under the control of the prescriber is the drug dosing regimen. Dosing regimens can vary in dose level, dosing interval, and treatment duration. The(More)
The in vitro bactericidal activities of vancomycin against Staphylococcus aureus hemB mutants displaying the small-colony-variant phenotype and their parental strains were evaluated. Vancomycin killing activities against hemB mutants were markedly attenuated, demonstrating approximately 50% less effect, a result which was well described by a Hill-type(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate a semi-parametric, model-based approach for obtaining transcription rates from mRNA and protein expression. METHODS The transcription profile input was modeled using an exponential function of a cubic spline and the dynamics of translation; mRNA and protein degradation were modeled using the Hargrove-Schmidt model. The transcription(More)
Oral drugs stimulating endogenous insulin production (insulin secretagogues) may have detrimental effects on breast cancer outcomes. The data presented shows the relationship between pre-existing insulin secretagogues use, adipokine profiles at the time of breast cancer (BC) diagnosis and subsequent cancer outcomes in women diagnosed with BC and type 2(More)