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In this paper we present a novel algorithm for improving the visibility of surveillance videos degraded by fog and/or rain. The proposed algorithm adaptively enhances the global and local contrast of a surveillance video. The algorithm is inspired on the human visual system, and accounts for the perceptual sensitivity to noise, compression artifacts, and(More)
We present a new Video Fire Detection (VFD) system for surveillance applications in fire and security industries. The system consists of three modules: pixel-level processing to identify potential fire blobs, blob-based spatial-temporal feature extraction, and a Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier. The proposed novel spatial-temporal features include a(More)
—In this paper we propose a novel face hallucination algorithm to synthesize a high-resolution face image from several low-resolution input face images. As described in Liu et al. [8]'s work, face hallucination uses two models: a global parametric model which synthesizes global face shapes from eigenfaces, and a local parametric model which enhances the(More)
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