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Sufficient conditions are obtained for the boundedness of solutions of the non-linear nonautonomous neutral equation i(t)=r(f)x(t)(a(f)-.x(t-1)-c(/).?(t-1)), which arise in a " food-limited " population model. This partially answers a recent open question proposed The nonlinear neutral delay logistic equation was first introduced and extensively discussed(More)
This paper analyzes the distribution of trailing digits (tail end digits) of positive real floating-point numbers represented in arbitrary base <italic>&#946;</italic> and randomly chosen from a logarithmic distribution. The analysis shows that the <italic>n</italic>th digit for <italic>n</italic> &#8805; 2 is actually approximately uniformly distributed.(More)
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New results are given on the distribution of trailing digits for logarithmically distributed numbers and on error in floating-point multiplication Some of the results have application to computer design In particular, there are certain values of the base (indeed,/3 = 2, 4, 6, and sometimes 8, but NOT 16) which, when carefully balanced with other design(More)
This paper is devoted to the discussion of monotonic and oscillatory solutions of the linear neutral delay equation M N y'(t)=Ay(t)+ Y. Biy(Ait)+ Z Ciy'(Tqit), one set of conditions, all nontrivial solutions are absolutely monotone. Under a different set of conditions, all nontrivial solutions oscillate unboundedly. This resolves most parts of the(More)
The following question is investigated: Is it possible for the function composition of Hermite interpolatory iteration algorithms to result in an increase in the Ostrowski efficiency? A detailed investigation is carried out to discover those cases when the answer is yes. Several interesting, new algorithms are uncovered. Each has a theoretical efficiency(More)
This paper deals with an initial value problem of a neutral functional diierential equation with variable time delay. The eeect of the neutral term on the existence and uniqueness of solutions is investigated. A comparison theorem is given and is applied to the Shabat equation. The asymptotic behaviour of solutions of a linear perturbation of the(More)
As shown by the ACM Symposium on Interactive Systems for Experimental Applied Mathematics (held in conjunction with the 1967 National Conference), the subject of experimental mathematics is. a timely one. The author's propose in this paper to discuss their partial success in an experimental study of linear retarded ordinary differential equations (hereafter(More)