Alan Eardley

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There are many examples of information systems which are claimed to have created and sustained competitive advantage, allowed beneficial collaboration or simply ensured the continued survival of the organisations which used them These systems are often referred to as being 'strategic'. This paper argues that many of the examples of strategic information(More)
The Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare and medical applications promises to solve many problems which are currently challenging the sector, ranging from remotely caring for our aging population to medical discoveries on incurable diseases. However, the challenges and risks of having 50 billion Things and users connected together are complex and may be(More)
There is a large volume of published studies investigating the factors that affect cloud adoption. However, there are very few studies which investigate cloud computing adoption in technologically developing countries and one focus of the research was to examine whether the factors which influence cloud computing adoption in technologically developed(More)
Keywords In this paper the theory of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is applied to the safety case management domain in order to evaluate its benefits and to assess the potential issues which relate to data exchange within certain industry sectors. Safety case, electronic data interchange (EDI), safety requirements, goal structuring notation (GSN).