Alan E. McKinnon

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We have previously described a model for corticotroph plasma membrane electrophysiology [LeBeau et al. (1997). Biophysical Journal 73, 1263-1275]. The model is a Hodgkin-Huxley-like formalism consisting of six coupled ordinary differential equations. Analysis of this model showed that Ca2+ action potentials could be induced by an increase in the L-type(More)
Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) is an important regulator of adrenocorticotropin (ACTH) secretion from pituitary corticotroph cells. The intracellular signaling system that underlies this process involves modulation of voltage-sensitive Ca2+ channel activity, which leads to the generation of Ca2+ action potentials and influx of Ca2+. However, the(More)
Pituitary corticotroph cells generate repetitive action potentials and associated Ca2+ transients in response to the agonist corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH). There is indirect evidence suggesting that the agonist, by way of complex intracellular mechanisms, modulates the voltage sensitivity of the L-type Ca2+ channels embedded in the plasma membrane.(More)
—This paper presents a technique to identify and measure the prominent sources of sensor noise in commercially available charge-coupled device (CCD) video cameras by analysis of the output images. Noise fundamentally limits the distin-guishable content in an image and can significantly reduce the robustness of an image processing application. Although(More)
A desktop Virtual Reality (VR) application of a skim milk powder process has been developed. The goal was to use this application as a learning resource to expose students to processing plant environments, which are becoming increasingly difficult to visit due to availability and safety reasons. The VR application comprises 360° panorama images of the(More)
In this project a 3-dimensional virtual world is consructed with the use of a LEGO camera and a set of LEGO blocks. The goal is to design a construction method that is simple enough for middle school-aged children to use and at the same time is able to produce quality models for higher end users. The method was developed using RoboLab and involves a(More)
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