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Mass spectrometers produce distorted measurements of gas concentrations because of the time delays and rise times inherent in their responses. Three techniques for numerically correcting such distortion were applied to the acetylene step responses of a Perkin-Elmer MGA1100 mass spectrometer and to simulated data. The techniques investigated were 1) a simple(More)
We have previously described a model for corticotroph plasma membrane electrophysiology [LeBeau et al. (1997). Biophysical Journal 73, 1263-1275]. The model is a Hodgkin-Huxley-like formalism consisting of six coupled ordinary differential equations. Analysis of this model showed that Ca2+ action potentials could be induced by an increase in the L-type(More)
Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) is an important regulator of adrenocorticotropin (ACTH) secretion from pituitary corticotroph cells. The intracellular signaling system that underlies this process involves modulation of voltage-sensitive Ca2+ channel activity, which leads to the generation of Ca2+ action potentials and influx of Ca2+. However, the(More)
Pituitary corticotroph cells generate repetitive action potentials and associated Ca2+ transients in response to the agonist corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH). There is indirect evidence suggesting that the agonist, by way of complex intracellular mechanisms, modulates the voltage sensitivity of the L-type Ca2+ channels embedded in the plasma membrane.(More)
A pilot evaluation of a simulation program used during a tutorial for the teaching of uptake and distribution of the inhalational anaesthetic halothane shows a highly significant improvement in the students' answers after the tutorial using a 'before and after' questionnaire. The students showed an understanding of the program's display and model(More)
Standard methods of measuring the diffusing capacity of the lung for CO are susceptible to inhomogeneity and to errors in the performance of a breathing maneuver by the subject. A mathematical model of CO uptake from a single alveolar lung is developed and used as the basis for an estimation procedure to measure both lung volume and diffusing capacity(More)
—This paper presents a technique to identify and measure the prominent sources of sensor noise in commercially available charge-coupled device (CCD) video cameras by analysis of the output images. Noise fundamentally limits the distin-guishable content in an image and can significantly reduce the robustness of an image processing application. Although(More)
A computer aided learning program for teaching the kinetics of uptake and distribution of the inhalational anaesthetic halothane is described. The program is based on a seven-compartment model which simulates the action of halothane on ventilation and on the cardiovascular system. The program is available to the student in four forms: one with no changes in(More)
A desktop Virtual Reality (VR) application of a skim milk powder process has been developed. The goal was to use this application as a learning resource to expose students to processing plant environments, which are becoming increasingly difficult to visit due to availability and safety reasons. The VR application comprises 360° panorama images of the(More)
A model of Mg metabolism in sheep is proposed. It is based on standard Michaelis-Menten enzyme kinetics to describe the transport of Mg across the rumen wall and passive diffusion to describe the absorption of Mg in the hindgut. Factors known to have an effect on Mg metabolism in farm animals, namely the concentrations of K and Mg in the diet, and the(More)