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BACKGROUND Controversy exists over the relative advantages of open mesh repair compared with open stitching methods and the laparoscopic approach. STUDY DESIGN Two thousand nine hundred six (2,906) consecutive unselected adult patients underwent 3,175 primary inguinal hernia repairs using polypropylene mesh, under local anesthesia on an ambulatory basis.(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrent inguinal hernia presents a significant clinical problem with high re-recurrence and complication rates, particularly when an anterior approach is used. This study evaluated the open preperitoneal approach for repair of recurrent inguinal hernia. METHODS This was a prospective cohort study of 101 consecutive patients with 114 recurrent(More)
Hitherto voice changes have been regarded as an infrequent complication of thyroidectomy and damage to the recurrent laryngeal nerve has been given as their major cause. Voice function was assessed in 325 patients after thyroidectomy. Permanent changes occurred in 35 (25%) after subtotal thyroidectomy and in 19 (11%) after lobectomy. The commonest cause of(More)
The records of 1243 patients with myasthenia gravis (M.G.) have been reviewed in a retrospective study of the incidence of extrathymic neoplasms. Ninety-four malignant neoplasms were traced.The onset of the disease (M.G.) coincided with a marked increase in the incidence of extrathymic neoplasms. The observed number of neoplasms in the year of onset of M.G.(More)