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The confirmation of the segregation of experimentally discovered quantitative trait loci (QTL) in a variety of commercial populations is required before their commercial significance can be fully realized. The use of complex pedigrees in the design of such confirmation experiments has the potential to increase the probability of the QTL segregating within(More)
An electronic aroma detection (EAD) technology known as conductive polymer analysis (CPA) was evaluated as a means of identifying and discriminating woody samples of angiosperms and gy~itnosperins using an analytical instrument (electronic nose) that characterizes the aroma profiles of volatiles released from excised wood into sanipled lieadspace. The(More)
An Imsai 8080 microcomputer is being used to simultaneously generate a color graphics stimulus display and to record visual-evoked cortical potentials. A brief description of the hardware and software developed for this system is presented. Data storage and analysis techniques are also discussed.
Transient visual-evoked cortical potentials (VECP's) were recorded for equal luminance chromatic flashes presented against a dark background and for substitutions of chromatic stimuli for achromatic fields of equal luminance. The VECP's for the flashed targets had larger amplitudes and shorter latencies than those for the substituted targets. These findings(More)
A novel simple approach to the verification process for millimeter-wave vector network analyzer waveguide calibration is reported using a single reconfigurable component verification kit. Conventional techniques require multiple verification components and these only exist commercially for operation up to 110 GHz. At millimeter-wave frequencies, the use of(More)
Physiological responses to light availability and soil flooding on Lindera melissifolia (Walt.) Blume were studied. Shrubs were grown under 70, 37 or 5% of full sunlight with either 0, 45, or 90 d of soil flooding. We measured leaf photosynthetic rate (PN) to test the hypothesis that soil flooding reduces P N in L. melissifolia following shrub acclimation(More)
An automated beam transport system is described which improves the operation of an industrial radioisotope production facility by incorporating features which enhance both the reliability of operation and the ease of maintenance in a radiation environment. Attention is given to the theoretical and practical aspects of the optical design, the diagnostic and(More)