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Naphthalene is a volatile polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon generated during combustion and is a ubiquitous chemical in the environment. Short term exposures of rodents to air concentrations less than the current OSHA standard yielded necrotic lesions in the airways and nasal epithelium of the mouse, and in the nasal epithelium of the rat. The cytotoxic(More)
We have developed and evaluated a high-frequency, real-time pulsed Doppler and physiological signal acquisition and analysis system specifically for use in mice. The system was designed to provide sampling rates up to 125 kilosamples/s (ksps) with software controlled data acquisition and analysis in real-time. Complex fast Fourier transforms are performed(More)
Recent animal studies have demonstrated three separate and distinct mechanisms by which low toxicity dusts can cause important chronic pulmonary effects; through overloading of clearance mechanisms, through increased toxicity associated with ultrafine particle size or by increasing the toxicity of known carcinogens in mixed exposures. The problem to be(More)
Proficiency testing (PT) schemes seek to improve and maintain consistency in asbestos fibre counting by circulating mounted samples to laboratories, which return counts for comparison with consensus reference values. This study compares the level of these consensus values in three (Spanish, Belgian and UK) national PT schemes. It also assesses the effect of(More)
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