Alan D. Guisewite

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In January 2004, NASA began a bold enterprise to return to the Moon, and with the technologies and expertise gained, press on to Mars. The underlying Vision for Space Exploration calls for a sustained and affordable human and robotic program to explore the solar system and beyond; to conduct human expeditions to Mars after successfully demonstrating(More)
Current NASA plans envision human beings returning to the Moon in 2018 and, once there, establishing a permanent outpost from which we may initiate a long-term effort to visit other planetary bodies in the Solar System. This will be a bold, risky, and costly journey, comparable to the Great Navigations of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Therefore, it(More)
Multiple views of a scene, obtained from cameras positioned at distinct viewpoints, can provide a viewer with the benefits of added realism, selective viewing, and improved scene understanding. The importance of these signals is evidenced by the recently proposed Multi-View Profile (MVP) extension to the MPEG-2 video compression standard, and their explicit(More)
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