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We present a mathematical model for the description of the behavior of viscoplastic materials. The model is based on a nonlinear diierential equation of order , where is a material constant typically in the range 0 < < 1. This equation is coupled with a rst-order diierential equation. For the numerical solution of these equations, we have developed an(More)
BACKGROUND Left ventricular (LV) torsional deformation, based in part on the helical myocardial fiber architecture, is an important component of LV systolic and diastolic performance. However, there is no comprehensive study describing its normal development during childhood and adult life. METHODS AND RESULTS Forty-five normal subjects (25 children and(More)
A Fungean solid is derived for membranous materials as a body defined by isotropic response functions whose mathematical structure is that of a Hookean solid where the elastic constants are replaced by functions of state derived from an implicit, thermodynamic, internal energy function. The theory utilizes Biot's (Lond Edinb Dublin Philos Mag J Sci(More)
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