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BACKGROUND Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a leading cause of cancer mortality in the US. Surveys reveal low CRC screening levels among Asians in the US, including Chinese Americans. METHODS A randomized controlled trial was conducted with Chinese patients to evaluate a clinic-based, culturally and linguistically appropriate intervention promoting fecal occult(More)
INTRODUCTION Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States and the third most common malignant neoplasm worldwide. Chinese Americans are one of the ethnic minority groups who have the lowest rates of CRC screening. The purpose of this study was to describe CRC screening among less acculturated Chinese Americans(More)
BACKGROUND Hospitalized hip fracture patients may receive physical therapy (PT) in acute and/or postacute settings. Patterns of PT use may vary by patient, clinical, and hospital characteristics. These patterns can be analyzed if the acute and postacute stays are linked. OBJECTIVES We classified the following patterns of PT use: acute PT only, skilled(More)
BACKGROUND According to recent US census data, 52 million people reported speaking a language other than English at home, and almost 45% of this population reported limited English proficiency (LEP). Colorectal cancer (CRC) ranks among the top 3 most common cancers for several Asian ethnic groups, yet screening remains underutilized by Asian Americans. (More)
OBJECTIVE To improve asthma treatment outcomes in Asians living in Seattle and for whom English is a second language. DESIGN Pre-post design. SETTING International Community Health Services, Seattle, Washington. PATIENTS Asians older than 18 years with asthma and whose native language was not English. INTERVENTION Pharmacists or pharmacy students(More)
BACKGROUND To accelerate the translation of research findings into practice for underserved populations, we investigated the adaptation of an evidence-based intervention (EBI), designed to increase colorectal cancer (CRC) screening in one limited English-proficient (LEP) population (Chinese), for another LEP group (Vietnamese) with overlapping cultural and(More)
BACKGROUND Colorectal cancer (CRC) screening rates among Asian Americans are 30-50% lower than among Whites. Using practice management and electronic medical records data from a community health center, we examined the association of CRC screening with continuity of care and comorbidity. These variables have not previously been studied in Asian American and(More)
Impressive results in patient care and cost reduction have increased the demand for systems-engineering methodologies in large health care systems. This Report from the Field describes the feasibility of applying systems-engineering techniques at a community health center currently lacking the dedicated expertise and resources to perform these activities.
BACKGROUND "Context" is a mediating construct that significantly influences the initiation and maintenance of program implementation, but it has seldom been studied in process evaluation. This case study describes the contextual factors that encourage or impede the implementation processes of a research-tested program at a Federally Qualified Community(More)
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