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RNA polymerase II (Pol II) is the eukaryotic enzyme that is responsible for transcribing all protein-coding genes into messenger RNA (mRNA). The mRNA-transcription cycle can be divided into three stages: initiation, elongation and termination. During elongation, Pol II moves along a DNA template and synthesizes a complementary RNA chain in a processive(More)
Depth and topography directly and indirectly influence most ocean environmental conditions, including light penetration and photosynthesis, sedimentation, current movements and stratification, and thus temperature and oxygen gradients. These parameters are thus likely to influence species distribution patterns and productivity in the oceans. They may be(More)
  • Robert E Slavin, Alan Cheung, Cynthia Groff, Cynthia Lake
  • 2008
S tudents who enter high school with poor literacy skills face long odds against graduating and going on to postsecondary education or satisfying careers. Joftus and Maddox-Dolan (2003) reported that in the United States, roughly 6 million secondary students read far below grade level and that approximately 3,000 students drop out of U.S. high schools every(More)
  • Louise Tracey, Chambers, Bette, Robert Slavin, Pam Hanley, Alan Cheung +2 others
  • 2016
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