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The validity and reliability of hand-held dynamometry and Cybex dynamometry were investigated using maximal isometric contractions of the external rotators of the shoulder in 14 healthy male subjects. Three maximum voluntary contractions were recorded from each subject by a hand-held dynamometer and a Cybex isokinetic dynamometer at two testing sessions(More)
Human endothelial cells (EC) are typically resistant to the apoptotic effects of stimuli associated with lung disease. The determinants of this resistance remain incompletely understood. Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) is a proinflammatory cytokine produced by human pulmonary artery EC (HPAEC). Its expression increases in response to various(More)
This study examined whether high physiological concentrations of epinephrine (EPI) would enhance muscle glycogenolysis during intense muscular contractions. Muscles of the rat hindlimb were perfused for 12 min at rest and 45 s of tetanic stimulation (1.0-Hz train rate, 100-ms train duration at 80 Hz) without EPI (control) or with 15 or 35 nM EPI. In the EPI(More)
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