Alan Cheng Hou Tsang

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Motile and driven particles confined in microfluidic channels exhibit interesting emergent behavior, from propagating density bands to density shock waves. A deeper understanding of the physical mechanisms responsible for these emergent structures is relevant to a number of physical and biomedical applications. Here, we study the formation of density shock(More)
Geometric confinement plays an important role in the dynamics of natural and synthetic microswimmers from bacterial cells to self-propelled particles in high-throughput microfluidic devices. However, little is known about the effects of geometric confinement on the emergent global patterns in such self-propelled systems. Recent experiments on bacterial(More)
Bacteria are usually studied in free-swimming planktonic state or in sessile biofilm state. However, little is known about intermediate states where variability in the environmental conditions and/or energy supply to the flagellar propulsive system alter flagellar activity. In this Rapid Communication, we propose an idealized physical model to investigate(More)
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