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Backward, simultaneous, and forward masking were investigated in 7 normal-hearing adults using a 1-kc/s sinusoid masker of 250 msec duration and 60 db SPL. 10-msec sinusoidal signals (probes) were varied in frequency (.4, .8, .9, .95, 1.05, 1.1, 1.2, 1.6 kc/s) and temporal location, delta t, prior to (-250, -150, -40, -20, -10, -2 msec re: masker onset),(More)
STUDY DESIGN Retrospective review of prospectively collected data. OBJECTIVES To analyze intervertebral (IV) fusion after thoracoscopic anterior spinal fusion (TASF) and explore the relationship between fusion scores and key clinical variables. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND INFORMATION TASF provides comparable correction with some advantages over posterior(More)
Study Design Case report. Objective The aim of this study is to describe a case of vascularized fibula strut graft implanted in the cervicothoracic spine of a patient with neurofibromatosis type 1-related progressive kyphosis. Methods A detailed history examination of the surgical procedures and the results of the follow-up after fibula strut graft(More)
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