Alan Carlos Costa

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The Brazilian sandy coastal plain named restinga is frequently subjected to particulate and gaseous emissions from iron ore factories. These gases may come into contact with atmospheric moisture and produce acid rain. The effects of the acid rain on vegetation, combined with iron excess in the soil, can lead to the disappearance of sensitive species and(More)
The fodder radish is an important alternative late summer crop in central-western Brazil. The fodder radish has a short growing cycle, is highly productive and possesses qualities that enhance its cultivation potential as an alternative in Brazil’s Biodiesel Program. However, drift of herbicides, such as glyphosate, may hinder the development of fodder(More)
Particulate matter is a natural occurrence in the environment, but some industries, such as the iron ore sector, can raise the total amount of particles in the atmosphere. This industry is primarily a source of iron and sulfur dioxide particulates. The effects of the pollutants from the iron ore industries on representatives of restinga vegetation in a(More)
Evaluation of photosynthetic efficiency is critical for studies on plant responses to environmental conditions as well as for genotype selection; however, there is a lack of reliable and functional protocols for such assessments of plants cultured in vitro. In this study, we aimed to adapt the conventional methodology for measuring gas exchange of plants(More)
The use of fungicides in maize has been more frequent due to an increase in the incidence of diseases and also the possible physiological benefits that some of these products may cause. However, some of these products (e.g., strobilurins and triazoles) may interfere with physiological processes and the formation of reproductive organs. Therefore, the effect(More)
In addition to mediating photomorphogenesis, phytochromes are responsible for many abiotic stress responses, acting upon biochemical and molecular mechanisms of cell signaling. In this work, we measured the physiological and biochemical responses of phytochrome-mutant plants under water stress. In tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.), the aurea mutant (au) is(More)
Submitted on 03/27/2014 and approved on 10/20/2015. 1 Extraído da dissertação de mestrado da primeira autora. 2 Instituto Federal Goiano, Rio Verde, Goiás, Brasil. 3 Instituto Federal Goiano, Rio Verde, Goiás, Brasil. 4 Instituto Federal, Rio Verde, Goiás, Brasil. 5 Instituto(More)
The wide use of the herbicide diuron has compromised surrounding uncultivated areas, resulting in acute and/or chronic damage to non-target plants. Thus, the aim of this research was to evaluate physiological and morphoanatomical responses in Bauhinia variegata L. plants to different doses of diuron. Seedlings of 90-day-old B. variegata were transplanted(More)
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