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Exact coordination of growth plate chondrocyte proliferation is necessary for normal endochondral bone development and growth. Here we show that PTHrP and TGFbeta control chondrocyte cell cycle progression and proliferation by stimulating signaling pathways that activate transcription from the cyclin D1 promoter. The TGFbeta pathway activates the(More)
Exposure to receptive female pheromone elicits guarding behavior in shore crab males (Carcinus maenas), but little is known about the effects of sex pheromone on male competition or if the female plays an active role in mate choice. This study examined whether female pheromone enhanced agonistic behavior between males and what effects visual and chemical(More)
BACKGROUND Deregulated expression of oncogenes such as MYC and PAX3-FKHR often occurs in rhabdomyosarcomas. MYC can enhance cell proliferation and apoptosis under specific conditions, whereas PAX3-FKHR has only been described as anti-apoptotic. RESULTS In order to evaluate how MYC and PAX3-FKHR oncogenes influenced p53-mediated apoptosis, rhabdomyosarcoma(More)
Southern analysis of the Adh region of 212 Drosophila melanogaster lines collected from the Tahbilk winery revealed linkage disequilibrium between a 37-bp insertion [designated delta 2 by Kreitman (1983)] and the fast electrophoretic variant of alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH-F). Among these lines 34% contained the insert and encoded ADH-F, 33.5% encoded ADH-F(More)
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