Alan C. Santos

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It has been suggested that use of peripheral nerve blocks (PNBs) may have some potential benefits in the outpatient setting. There have been no studies specifically comparing PNBs performed with short-acting local anesthetics with general anesthesia (GA) in patients undergoing outpatient knee surgery. We hypothesized that a combination of lumbar plexus and(More)
Inguinal herniorrhaphy is commonly performed on an outpatient basis under nerve blocks or local or general anesthesia (GA). Our hypothesis is that use of paravertebral blocks (PVB) as the sole anesthetic technique will result in shorter time to achieve home readiness and improved same-day recovery over a 'fast-track' GA. Fifty patients were randomly(More)
Post-cesarean delivery pain relief is important. Good pain relief will improve mobility and can reduce the risk of thromboembolic disease, which is increased during pregnancy. Pain may also impair the mother's ability to optimally care for her infant in the immediate postpartum period and may adversely affect early interactions between mother and infant.(More)
Adiabatic state engineering is a powerful technique in quantum information and quantum control. However, its performance is limited by the adiabatic theorem of quantum mechanics. In this scenario, shortcuts to adiabaticity, such as provided by the superadiabatic theory, constitute a valuable tool to speed up the adiabatic quantum behavior. Here, we propose(More)
BACKGROUND Recommendations regarding the technical aspects of nerve stimulator-assisted nerve localization are conflicting. The objectives of this study were to determine whether the placement of the cutaneous electrode affects nerve stimulation and to determine the duration and intensity of an electrical stimulus that allows nerve stimulation with minimal(More)
BACKGROUND Nerve stimulation with a low-intensity electrical current has become a vital part of the performance of peripheral nerve blockade. The purpose of this study was to compare the accuracy and characteristics of peripheral nerve stimulators used in clinical practice in the United States. METHODS Fifteen peripheral nerve stimulators were fitted with(More)
BACKGROUND Although video review has been used in teaching, it has not been reported for use as an adjunct to teaching anesthesiology residents. The purpose of the prospective, randomized, blinded study was to determine whether teaching with video review improves epidural anesthesia skills of anesthesiology residents. METHODS Twenty-two second-year (CA-2)(More)
BACKGROUND Both general and nerve block anesthesia are effective for shoulder surgery. For outpatient surgery, it is important to determine which technique provides more efficient recovery. The authors' goal was to compare nerve block with general anesthesia with respect to recovery profile and patient satisfaction after rotator cuff surgery. METHODS In(More)
UNLABELLED The classical approach to sciatic nerve block in the popliteal fossa (popliteal block) often requires multiple attempts to localize the sciatic nerve. Recently, it has been suggested that an intertendinous approach to popliteal block may result in a more consistent localization of the sciatic nerve. In the current study, we compared anatomical(More)
BACKGROUND Unintentional intraneural injection of local anesthetics may cause mechanical injury and pressure ischemia of the nerve fascicles. One study in small animals showed that intraneural injection may be associated with higher injection pressures. However, the pressure heralding an intraneural injection and the clinical consequences of such injections(More)