Alan C. S. Lee

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Eighty-nine consecutive admissions with primary depressive illness were prospectively ascertained and diagnosed in 1965-66 by R. E. Kendell, who also allocated each a position on a neurotic-psychotic continuum on the basis of previous discriminant function analysis. In 1983-84, 94% of the survivors were personally interviewed by a psychiatrist blind to(More)
In 1965/66, a consecutive series of 89 in-patients with depression were interviewed, given two personality tests (the EPI and LOI), and were accorded a score on a neurotic-psychotic continuum (DI). Eighteen years later, the series was followed up and the predictive power of the original data was determined. High neuroticism scores on the EPI on recovery and(More)
PURPOSE To develop a molecular strategy of increasing cytotoxicity of chronically hypoxic cells by inhibiting Glucose Regulated Protein 78 kDal (GRP78) induction. METHODS AND MATERIALS A mutant nonGRP78 inducing cell line (78WO) was developed from its parent (DG44) by overexpressing antisense GRP78 mRNA. Following exposure to varying durations of hypoxia,(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the long-term mortality and causes of death after first psychiatric admission. METHOD A consecutive series of 87 patients admitted for the first time from a strictly defined catchment area to Saxondale Hospital, Nottinghamshire, who were discharged in 1974 and 1975, were traced in 1992 to either their general practitioner(More)
A postal request to general practitioners in a catchment area (population 37,000) identified 18 patients fulfilling criteria for conversion disorder (age range 26-74 years; mean age of onset of first episode 38 years). There was a female preponderance, with two patients from ethnic minority groups. There was a temporal correlation with stress in 13 cases(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether psychological factors distinguished patients with Crohn's disease (CD) from those with ulcerative colitis (UC). DESIGN Survey of prevalent inflammatory bowel disease patients (n = 82) attending a gastroenterology clinic. METHODS Administration of three self-report rating scales, the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire, the(More)