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The last survey talk on this subject was presented by S. E. Graybill at the Chicago Accelerator Conference four years ago. He described, in general, the basic aspects of high power pulsed electron beam technology utilizing field emission diodes and outlined the current status of work in this area; with particular emphasis on beam handling and propagation(More)
Low impedance relativistic electron accelerators currently produce nominal 50 ns pulses that are capable of power levels near 1 Terawatt at impedances near 1 Ohm. The time-dependent diode impedance characteristic plays a major role In efficiently coupling the pulse line power to an electron beam. In an effort to establish the desired accelerator impedance(More)
It is shown that laser action at 3371 A terminates in times t < (tau(32)(-1) + Y(3))(-1), where tau(32) is the lifetime of the transition of C(3)pi(u) --> B(3)pi(g) and Y(3) is the electron depopulation rate of the upper laser level. Following Gerry but including electron impact mixing of laser levels, rate equations, coupled to the circuit equation, were(More)
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