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We present a system that is able to autonomously build a 3D model of a robot’s hand, along with a kinematic model of the robot’s arm, beginning with very little information. The system starts by using exploratory motions to locate and centre the robot’s hand in the middle of its field of view, and then progressively builds the 3D and kinematic models. The(More)
Induced motion provides a cheap and reliable way of segmenting an object from the background within an image. As such it has potential applications to a wide variety of machine vision systems. This paper presents a system that segments an object from the background by inducing a sinusoidal motion and then searching for the signal in the resulting optical(More)
We present a system which can automatically home an upper torso humanoid robot so that its true joint angles are known using only information from a depth camera, coupled with incremental encoders. This means that extra components, such as absolute encoders, resolvers, homing switches etc., are not needed. This in turn means that the cost of the system may(More)
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