Alan Brill

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Numerous operations have been described to address the unilateral cleft lip deformity. One area that has not received significant attention is the deficient join between the nasal ala and the upper lip. Several surgeons have advocated detaching the ala and rotating it medially to restore the nasal sill and decrease the alar flare. Unfortunately, many(More)
This review gives a broad overview of the recent volumes of Rav Aharon Lichtenstein’s thought. Topics covered in the review include his approach to Judaism, an analysis of his intellectual influences, his views of modernity, and his place in contemporary Orthodoxy. The review points out the seminal role of these essays for the formation of Centrist Orthodox(More)
R. Joseph B. Soloveitchik's (1904-1993) approach to Torah study is usually identified with both the Neo-Kantian emphasis on abstraction, creativity, and autonomy, and the Mitnaged tradition of analytic mastery of the talmudic corpus. This intellectualist stance ignores the significant role that noncognitive elements play in Soloveitchik's approach to Torah(More)
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