Alan Blatt

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The location of base stations (BS) and the allocation of channels are of paramount importance for the performance of cellular radio networks. Also cellular service providers are now being driven by the goal to enhance performance, particularly as it relates to the receipt and transmission of emergency crash notification messages generated by automobile(More)
Aeromedical and ground ambulance services often team up in responding to trauma crashes, especially when the emergency helicopter is unable to land at the crash scene. We propose location coverage models and a greedy heuristic for their solution to simultaneously locate ground and air ambulances, and landing zones (transfer points). We provide a coverage(More)
Foraging, either solitarily or collectively, is a necessary behavior for survival that is demonstrated by many organisms. Foraging can be collectively optimized by utilizing communication between the organisms. Examples of such communication range from high level strategic foraging by animal groups to rudimentary signaling among unicellular organisms. Here(More)
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