Alan B. Shaffer

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Covert channels can result in unauthorized information flows when exploited by malicious software. To address this problem, we present a precise, formal definition for covert channels, which relies on control flow dependency tracing through program execution, and extends Dennings' and subsequent classic work in secure information flow [9][40][30]. A formal(More)
Evaluation of high assurance secure computer systems requires that they be designed, developed, verified and tested using rigorous processes and formal methods. The evaluation process must include correspondence between security policy objectives, security specifications, and program implementation. This research presents an approach to the verification of(More)
Conventional anti-islanding techniques used in grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) systems pose many disadvantages at high levels of PV deployment. One such issue is the inability of these systems to ride-through grid disturbances. In this paper, the use of a Power Line Carrier Communications (PLCC) Permissive anti-islanding scheme is investigated as a means of(More)