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PURPOSE To compare the safety and activity of DN-101, a new high-dose oral formulation of calcitriol designed for cancer therapy, and docetaxel with placebo and docetaxel. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with progressive metastatic androgen-independent prostate cancer and adequate organ function received weekly docetaxel 36 mg/m2 intravenously for 3 weeks(More)
The Path Partition Conjecture for digraphs states that for every digraph D, and every choice of positive integers λ1, λ2 such that λ1 + λ2 equals the order of a longest directed path in D, there exists a partition of D in two subdigraphs D1,D2 such that the order of the longest path in Di is at most λi for i = 1, 2. We present sufficient conditions for a(More)
A good drawing of Kn is a drawing of the complete graph with n vertices in the sphere such that: no two edges with a common end cross; no two edges cross more than once; and no three edges all cross at the same point. Gioan’s Theorem asserts that any two good drawings of Kn that have the same rotations of incident edges at every vertex are equivalent up to(More)
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