Alan Armstrong

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Ever since Pasteur noticed that tartrate crystals exist in two non-superimposable forms that are mirror images of one another--as are left and right hands--the phenomenon of chirality has intrigued scientists. On the molecular level, chirality often has a profound impact on recognition and interaction events and is thus important to biochemistry and(More)
The cathode in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries operates by conventional intercalation; Li+ is extracted from LiCoO2 on charging accompanied by oxidation of Co3+ to Co4+; the process is reversed on discharge. In contrast, Li+ may be extracted from Mn4+-based solids, e.g., Li2MnO3, without oxidation of Mn4+. A mechanism involving simultaneous Li and O(More)
Vision plays an important role in allowing the development of coordinated movements and often acts as the dominant perceptual modality for every day movements. This visual information is often presented in the spatio-temporal domain but the specific role of spatio-temporal information has not been specifically assessed in the literature. This experiment(More)
Several alpha-substituted N-carbethoxytropinones have been evaluated as catalysts for asymmetric epoxidation of alkenes with Oxone, via a dioxirane intermediate. alpha-Fluoro-N-carbethoxytropinone (2) has been studied in detail and is an efficient catalyst which does not suffer from Baeyer-Villiger decomposition and can be used in relatively low loadings.(More)
The pharmaceutical industry, particularly the small molecule domain, faces unprecedented challenges of escalating costs, high attrition as well as increasing competitive pressure from other companies and from new treatment modes such as biological products. In other industries, process improvement approaches, such as Lean Sigma, have delivered benefits in(More)
The basis for unprecedented noncovalent bonding between anions and the aryl centroid of electron-deficient aromatic rings has been demonstrated by an ab initio study of the interaction between 1,3,5-triazine and the fluoride, chloride, and azide ion at the MP2 level of theory. Minima are also located corresponding to C[bond]H...X(-) hydrogen bonding,(More)
We have developed a reliable, cost-effective and non-toxic fixative to meet the needs of contemporary molecular pathobiology research, particularly in respect of RNA and DNA integrity. The effects of 25 different fixative recipes on the fixed quality of tissues from C57BL/6 mice were investigated. Results from IHC, PCR, RT-PCR, RNA Agilent Bioanalyser and(More)