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We have developed a reliable, cost-effective and non-toxic fixative to meet the needs of contemporary molecular pathobiology research, particularly in respect of RNA and DNA integrity. The effects of 25 different fixative recipes on the fixed quality of tissues from C57BL/6 mice were investigated. Results from IHC, PCR, RT-PCR, RNA Agilent Bioanalyser and(More)
The pharmaceutical industry, particularly the small molecule domain, faces unprecedented challenges of escalating costs, high attrition as well as increasing competitive pressure from other companies and from new treatment modes such as biological products. In other industries, process improvement approaches, such as Lean Sigma, have delivered benefits in(More)
Birds of a tether: A tethering strategy for the site-directed discovery of low-molecular-weight fragments that bind weakly to defined protein surfaces is described. A solvent-exposed protein thiol captures acrylamide-modified fragments in a conjugate addition reaction that requires a template to produce a measureable quantity of protein-fragment adduct,(More)
Ever since Pasteur noticed that tartrate crystals exist in two non-superimposable forms that are mirror images of one another--as are left and right hands--the phenomenon of chirality has intrigued scientists. On the molecular level, chirality often has a profound impact on recognition and interaction events and is thus important to biochemistry and(More)
Understanding how we synchronize our actions with stimuli from different sensory modalities plays a central role in helping to establish how we interact with our multisensory environment. Recent research has shown better performance with multisensory over unisensory stimuli; however, the type of stimuli used has mainly been auditory and tactile. The aim of(More)
The evolution of homochirality from a prebiotic environment has long intrigued scientists. Here we report how highly enantioenriched solutions may be produced by manipulation of amino acid phase behavior, a concept that has far-reaching implications for prebiotic chemistry. We demonstrate that the eutectic composition of aqueous mixtures of L and D amino(More)
The uric acid/xanthine H(+) symporter, UapA, is a high-affinity purine transporter from the filamentous fungus Aspergillus nidulans. Here we present the crystal structure of a genetically stabilized version of UapA (UapA-G411VΔ1-11) in complex with xanthine. UapA is formed from two domains, a core domain and a gate domain, similar to the previously solved(More)
Vision plays an important role in allowing the development of coordinated movements and often acts as the dominant perceptual modality for every day movements. This visual information is often presented in the spatio-temporal domain but the specific role of spatio-temporal information has not been specifically assessed in the literature. This experiment(More)