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A great share of applications in modern information technology can benefit from large coverage, machine accessible knowledge bases. However, the bigger part of todays knowledge is provided in the form of unstructured data, mostly plain text. As an initial step to exploit such data, we present Wanderlust, an algorithm that automatically extracts semantic(More)
The use of deep syntactic information such as typed dependencies has been shown to be very effective in Information Extraction. Despite this potential, the process of manually creating rule-based information extractors that operate on dependency trees is not intuitive for persons without an extensive NLP background. In this system demonstration, we present(More)
Unsupervised Relation Extraction (URE) is the task of extracting relations of a priori unknown semantic types using clustering methods on a vector space model of entity pairs and patterns. In this paper, we show that an informed feature generation technique based on dependency trees significantly improves clustering quality, as measured by the F-score, and(More)
Semantic role labeling (SRL) is crucial to natural language understanding as it identifies the predicate-argument structure in text with semantic labels. Unfortunately, resources required to construct SRL models are expensive to obtain and simply do not exist for most languages. In this paper, we present a two-stage method to enable the construction of SRL(More)
Unsupervised Relation Extraction (URE) methods automatically discover semantic relations in text corpora of unknown content and extract for each discovered relation a set of relation instances. Due to the sparsity of the feature space, URE is vulnerable to ambiguities and underspeci-fication in patterns. In this paper, we propose to increase the(More)
The ability to recognize when digital content is becoming endangered is essential for maintaining the long-term, continuous and authentic access to digital assets. To achieve this ability, knowledge about aspects of the world that might hinder the preservation of content is needed. However, the processes of gathering, managing and reasoning on knowledge can(More)
In this paper, we propose and demonstrate Exploratory Relation Extraction (ERE), a novel approach to identifying and extracting relations from large text corpora based on user-driven and data-guided incremental exploration. We draw upon ideas from the information seeking paradigm of Exploratory Search (ES) to enable an exploration process in which users(More)
The WIKIA project maintains wikis across a diverse range of subjects from areas of popular culture. Each wiki consists of collaboratively authored content and focuses on a particular topic, including franchises such as " Star Trek " , " Star Wars " and " The Simpsons ". In this paper, we investigate the use of such wikis to create Question-Answering (QA)(More)