Alamelu Nachiappan

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MANET is collection of mobile nodes that can able to communicate with each other. Mobile nodes main purpose is to communicate and sharing the information over the network. As we know that MANET providing the support of real time application and multimedia application which can requires various aspects. These aspects are end to end delay, jitter and energy(More)
— Infrared Thermography can be used as a diagnostic procedure for determining abnormality in human. Thermographs provide the thermal mapping of the area under observation. For normal cases, thermographs show uniform and symmetrical temperature distribution. An abnormality appears as an abrupt temperature variation in thermographs. Quantitative(More)
This paper attempts to develop a scheme that facilitates data transfer between the various nodes in an energy constrained Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), with a view to increase the life time of the network. The philosophy is based on optimising the product of energy and delay besides ensuring an enhancement in the performance of grid networks. It envisages(More)
Energy efficiency solutions are more vital for Green Mesh Network (GMN) campuses. Today students are benefited using these e-learning methodologies. Renewable energies such as solar, wind, hydro has tremendous applications on energy efficient wireless networks for sustaining the ever growing traffic demands. One of the major issues in designing a GMN is(More)
The control theory and automation technology is widely used in industries. Many control algorithms are based on the mathematical models of dynamic systems. Mathematical models and parameter estimation are basics for automatic control. A recursive least squares parameter estimation algorithms and Kaczmarz's projection algorithm is applied based on ARMAX(More)
Model predictive current control of a five-level cascaded H-bridge (CHB) inverter with different sampling times is presented in this paper. The purpose of the current controller is to regulate the load current within the set reference current. A simulation model of the five-level CHB inverter with Model Predictive current controller (MPC) has been built to(More)
Multicast routing and provision of QoS (Quality of Service) are challenging problems due to the dynamic topology and limited resources in Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs). This paper proposes an agent based QoS routing algorithm that employs fuzzy logic to select an optimal path by considering multiple independent QoS metrics such as buffer occupancy rate,(More)