Alakananda Goswami

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Plants can withstand many abiotic stresses. Stress adaptation through retention of imprints of previous stress exposure has also been described in plants. We have characterized the imprint or memory of adaptive stress responses of rice seedlings to arsenic (As) and heat stress. METHODOLOGY Two-week-old rice seedlings (both with and(More)
Seed priming is a method by which seeds are subjected to different stress conditions to impart stress adaptation in seedlings germinating and growing under stressful situations. Drought stress is a major reason behind failure of crops. We studied the effects of hydropriming, dehydration priming (induced by PEG), and osmopriming (induced by NaCl and KH2PO4)(More)
Despite the importance of cyclin-Cdk related kinases (CRK) in regulation of cell and life cycle of kinetoplastida parasites, only limited knowledge about their substrates are presently available. Here, the potential substrates were searched for an S-phase LdCyc1-CRK3 complex from Leishmania donovani based on the presence of Cdk target phosphorylation site(More)
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