Alak Banik

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The optical communication has gained enormous popularity as an effective means of transferring data at high rates because of extremely high bandwidth access and cost effectiveness. On-Off keying (OOK) modulation scheme with direct detection is the most widely used intensity modulation scheme for optical communication. OOK can use either nonreturn-to-zero(More)
FPGA implementation of computation intensive signal processing algorithms for satellite onboard applications require careful considerations of FPGA resource utilization and power consumption. In this paper, we describe several strategies used for efficient implementation of the synthesis filter banks and digital spectrum processing modules on FPGA. Xilinx(More)
This paper introduces a new set of objective functions and presents a design flow for near-perfect reconstruction (NPR) analysis and synthesis filter-bank based transmultiplexer. The effects of design constraints in terms of filter order and coefficients quantization are analysed for their effect on overall response and cross-channel interference; this(More)
This paper describes an efficient design of digital transparent processor payload subsystem, developed at Space Applications Centre (ISRO) for a multi-beam, high throughput communication satellite. The digital transparent processor, also called digital mesh processor, onboard a multi-beam communication satellite performs the functions of slicing the uplink(More)
Photonic generation of microwave signals is a novel and very attractive for application such as radio-over-fiber for wireless communication, broadband wireless access networks, radar and satellite communications. Photonic microwave frequency multiplication based on external intensity modulation has been considered as an effective solution for frequency(More)
Frequency jumps are common in rubidium frequency sources. They affect the estimation of user position in navigational satellite systems. These jumps must be detected and corrected immediately as they have direct impact on the navigation system integrity. A novel weak frequency jump detector is proposed based on a Kalman filter with a multi-interval(More)
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