Alaine Margarete Guimarães

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This study was conducted to determine the seroprevalence of anti-Neospora caninum antibodies and to investigate the risk factors related to seroprevalence in dogs from urban and rural areas with distinct economic activities (milk and coffee production) in Minas Gerais state, Brazil. For this purpose, blood samples from 703 dogs were collected and(More)
Precision Agriculture has the goal of reducing cost which is difficult when it is related to fertilizers application. Nitrogen (N) is the nutrient absorbed in greater amounts by crops and the N fertilizers application present significant costs. The use of spectral reflectance sensors has been studied to identify the nutritional status of crops and prescribe(More)
Credal networks provide a scheme for dealing with imprecise prob-abilistic models. The inference algorithms often used in credal networks compute the interval of the posterior probability of an event of interest given evidence of the specific kind-evidence that describe the current state of a set of variables. These algorithms do not perform evidential(More)
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