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The optimization of parameters of synthesis of belite cement clinker from coal fly ash of high Ca content is presented in this paper. The synthesis process is based on the hydrothermal-calcination-route of the fly ash without extra additions. The hydrothermal treatment was carried out in demineralized water and a 1 M NaOH solution for 4 h at the(More)
Madrid city has a high density of population and suffers from chronic congestion problems. It means that some pollutants could produce atmospheric emergency situations when weather stability periods last longer. Due to the low level of industry in the region, mobile sources have an important contribution to total emissions. Madrid has a 20-year-old air(More)
The present work investigates (a) the modification by pretreatment with selective H1- and H2-receptor antagonists on the dose-response curves (DRC) to histamine for heart rate, blood pressure, renal arterial blood flow and renal vascular resistance in anesthetized dogs, and (b) the characteristics of the DRC to histamine in canine isolated renal artery. In(More)
Solid-phase extraction is one of the most important techniques for sample purification and concentration. A wide variety of solid phases have been used for sample preparation over time. In this work, the efficiency of a new kind of solid-phase extraction adsorbent, which is a microporous material made from modified cyclodextrin bounded to a silica network,(More)
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