Alain van Hoof

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—The amount of computing resources currently available on Clouds is large and easily available with pay per use cost model. E-Science applications that need to be executed on-demand can benefit from the Cloud, because no permanent computing resources to support peak demand has to be acquired. In this paper, we present AMOS, a system that automates creation(More)
When benchmarking an OpenSolaris TM NFS fileserver with benchmark software running on the NFS client(s) a number of layers of the Operating System on the client and server are traversed. It is useful to follow the data in the various layers, for example to find performance bottlenecks. The Dtrace tool of OpenSolaris TM allows for a nonintrusive way to(More)
Describing the workings of a specially written caching algorithm unofficially called Top40 and comparing it to two more common algorithms LRU (Least Recently Used) and LFU (Least Frequently Used) this report tries to show the effectiveness of Top40 algorithm in a media streaming environment. Simulations where done using real data. These simulations show the(More)
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