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A set of simple new procedures has been developed to enable the real-time manipulation of speech parameters. The proposed method uses pitch-adaptive spectral analysis combined with a surface reconstruction method in the time-frequency region, and an excita-tion source design based on group delay manipulation. It also consists of a fundamental frequency (F0)(More)
An accurate fundamental frequency (F0) estimation method for non-stationary, speech-like sounds is proposed based on the differential properties of the instantaneous frequencies of two sets of filter outputs. A specific type of fixed points of mapping from the filter center frequency to the output instantaneous frequency provides frequencies of the(More)
The human auditory system has the ability, known as auditory induction, to estimate the missing parts of a continuous auditory stream briefly covered by noise and perceptually resynthesize them. In this article, we formulate this ability as a model-based spectrogram analysis and clustering problem with missing data, show how to solve it using an auxiliary(More)
This paper analyzes theories and models of pitch from a historical perspective. Pythagoras is credited with the first " psychophysical " model, the monochord, that he used to formulate a law that links a physical quantity (ratio of string lengths) to a psychological quantity (musical interval). The relation between pitch itself and frequency emerged(More)
(English) joint cancellation model guaranteed A. de Cheveigné, H. Kawahara, "Multiple pitches", last revised: 8 July 1998 2 Number of pages (including figures): Number of Figures: Number of Tables: The pitch of a periodic sound is strongly correlated with its period. To perceive the multiple pitches evoked by several simultaneous sounds, the auditory system(More)